Friday, July 4

Morning Joe and Maddow Clash

So, yesterday I watched MSNBC's political program called Race for the White House. It was guest hosted by Joe Scarborough, the host of Morning Joe and a former GOP congressman. His panel consisted of three conservatives and one liberal - Rachel Maddow, host of her own radio show on Air America. Joe quotes Senator McCain's statement declaring that Senator Obama has always claimed that he would "begin withdrawing American troops from Iraq immediately". He claims Obama is a flip-flopper because now he says he will consult with commanders about the safest way to do that and he might have to refine his timeline of 16 months due to the actions on the ground. Rachel defends Obama stating repeatedly that his position on withdrawal is consistent - phased withdrawal of one to two brigades a month with discussions about the safety of the troops with commanders. Rachel mentions Susan Rice's statement three months ago claiming the same position, proving it is not a flip-flop. Joe says that it is Obama's word that matters, not his surrogate's. Joe claims that on the ABC debate, Obama says something different. Rachel disagrees and tells Joe to show the tape. The tape is shown and Obama's answer is consistent. Joe then states that David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, says "16 months tops". He refuses to accept Obama's actual words at the debate - "I will still listen to the generals when it comes to tactics" - as proof of his consistency. Rachel is hysterical with laughter at this point because the whole argument is just so ridiculous. Rice's statement to disprove Joe's thesis is not acceptable, but Plouffe's statement can be used to prove his point? At one point, Joe asks anyone on the panel to raise their hand if they agree with Rachel. Nobody does. Rachel mentions the setup of the panel where Joe indulges in his first insult: "I don't know that this has anything to do with conservatives or liberals, it has to do with the English language". Seriously? To Rachel Maddow?? Not only is she one of the most articulate political analysts in American media today, not only does she have a doctorate in political science, but she is also a Rhodes scholar! Rachel is still cracking up when Joe decides that an insultingly sexist remark would be the best way to cut her down. "You might support Obama, but you've got the Clinton cackle down, Rachel." WTF! Click on post title for transcript and video

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