Tuesday, August 26

Morning Joe And Rachel Maddow Convention Clip

He seems so frustrated. It is a permanent expression of exhaustion on his face when Rachel speaks. Or maybe confusion. The cleverly phrased, multi-syllabic words she shoots at him at bullet speed must drive him crazy. You know what I think? I think he is taking mental notes. He really wants to show her up but, alas, he just doesn't have the word power or likability. So, he takes it all in, whines about airtime, and when the cameras are off he practices. Practices his heart out. Maybe he skims a thesaurus. Maybe he practices not looking at her so he doesn't get distracted by that smile of self-confidence she has when she is up against him.
I'm just waiting for actual steam to escape from his ears. Now that would be must-see-TV!

1 comment:

  1. sometimes watching him i don't know whether to laugh or throw things. i love that rachel bugs him so much!