Wednesday, September 17

Happy Constitution Day!!

Get your knowledge on!

American Constitution Society: Ours is the world’s oldest written constitution still in effect, but how many U.S. citizens realize that or could name the date on which it was signed? Or, more importantly, why that’s significant? Every school child knows the date we declared our independence from the British. But while the Declaration of Independence gets a long July 4th weekend and fireworks, the Constitution has been absent from our national holiday calendar — consigned to mundane study in history or law classes rather than joyous celebrations.

ACLU Blog:One of the most important tasks facing the next President is how to reassert the commitment of the United States to the rule of law, including the constitutionally mandated obligations under international law. The new President will have a unique opportunity to send a clear message to the world regarding the reemergence of U.S. leadership through human rights protection and enforcement.

Shaijinx:And the 44% who believe there are some religions that shouldn't be practiced-what the hell is that about? Actually, that one has piqued my curiosity. Which religions are threatening? Do we need to start giving Quakers a hard time? Rough up a few hundred Humanists? Make sure the Buddhists know their place? Or, are they only concerned about the ones requiring specific forms of headgear?

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