Friday, September 5

LA Weekly: Beyond The Palin

A great post by Joe Donnelly. Here is a peek:

There's something unseemly in the way we're supposed to bow down because the Republicans have taken by decree a place in history that Hillary Clinton busted her ass for. Palin didn't rise to the top, she was plucked by puppet masters. Clinton earned everyone of her 18 million primary votes. She worked and suffered for them. Palin is merely a spokesmodel, a very cleverly chosen one, who is here to dazzle you with her teeth and fool you with the lie that she feels your pain. She's good enough to read a canned, mean-spirited speech that any actress could have read, but she can't even run a small town properly, a job which by some accounts she treated as part-time work.

I can't wait to hear what Hillary has to say about Sarah Palin. That Palin thinks she is the one to finish what Clinton started is unbelievable. The only problem is that Palin has yet to talk about specific policy ideas so it makes it difficult to go after her on anything but her social conservative views and past actions in elected office. But, maybe that's the point.

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