Monday, September 1

Sarah Palin's Daughter Is Pregnant

Bristol Palin is 17, unmarried, and 5 months pregnant. Furthermore, Sen. McCain knew this when he offered Gov. Palin the job. Does this mean that their views about abstinence-only programs have changed? Or, is all of this a lead-up to something bigger? Consider the following scenario: McCain picks a woman to entice dissatisfied Clinton supporters (apparently believing that women vote based on gender, not substance). The excitement draws attention away from Sen. Obama's acceptance speech and rallies the conservative base. His campaign gets all weekend to hear everyone talk about how unqualified Palin is and Democrats throw around the names of female Republicans that are actually qualified (Kay Bailey Hutchinson for example). At the convention, Palin declines the nomination for family reasons. McCain then has two directions from which to choose: 1) he picks one of the more experienced women that Democrats had espoused as being a better choice, or 2) he can now go with his first choice: Sen. Joe Lieberman. If he goes with option #1, he picks a woman who the Democrats have already admitted is a qualified, formidable candidate thereby taking away those talking points of attack. If he goes with option #2, he gets his buddy - a Democratic-leaning, pro-choice Independent - who will draw those still undecided. Also, most Republicans would accept the choice without major backlash because, well, even Lieberman would be better than Palin. No matter what, he wins.
This is political theater at it's best, folks. I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

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