Tuesday, September 2

Somethings Brewing In Alaska

And it needs to stay there! OMG! I'm all for people having faith, but calling Iraq a " task from God" is kind of akin to what Al Qaeda called 9/11. Don't believe me, watch video time 3:00-6:05. If this woman becomes Vice-President, there's going to be a lot of people moving towards Alaska to get away from her! Only they're going to stop in Canada, learn French, and enjoy the Universal Health Care that will be decades away in America. My only solace is that Intrade has her chances of being John McCain's running mate on November 4th at 82% and falling. One Nation under God, whether Christian or not, is something we can all live with. One Nation under Palin will have the citizens of our country recreating one of the Alaskan Governor's favorite books....Exodus!!

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