Tuesday, September 16

Veto Questions

Every time McCain or his surrogates are asked about earmarks, they inevitably mention that Obama has asked for what equates to one million dollars for everyday he has been a U.S. Senator. This morning on CNN, McCain was asked about earmarks again and he responded the same way. But the interviewer didn't stop there. She asked McCain how he can criticize Obama's record with earmarks when Palin has asked for the equivalent in Alaska. McCain said that the difference is that Palin vetoed many earmarks as governor.
He has repeated this line often in the last few weeks. It is an interesting statement. It is interesting because it is untrue. No sooner had the interview finished then I saw this post by Steve Benen:

But it was just as striking to hear McCain insist that Palin "vetoed a half a billion dollars in earmark projects." How's that, exactly? Congress puts earmarks in the budget; the president signs the spending into law; and states get the earmarked funds. Governors can't "veto" earmarks anymore than I can. Palin could stop asking for earmarks (but she didn't, asking for a quarter of a billion dollars in earmarks just this year) and Palin could send unspent taxpayer money back to Congress (but she didn't, keeping every earmarked penny she could get her hands on). Those are her choices.
So, is McCain lying about this as well? Or, does he just not understand how government laws and budgets work? He has admitted that the economy is not his strong suit. Is he just misinformed? If so, why hasn't Palin corrected him? She would know that she never vetoed an earmark. Did she tell him otherwise to get on the ticket? Or is McCain making it up and she is going along with it?
Would the answer to any of these questions make you feel better about a McCain/Palin administration?

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