Sunday, October 19

Cmdr. Mike Lumpkin For CA-52

Rep. Duncan Hunter has decided to end his 28 year run as the representative in my district. Woohoo! Unfortunately, his son Duncan D. Hunter is running in his place. There have been signs everywhere saying Hunter for Congress and Duncan Hunter for Congress. I have a feeling that people who are not paying full attention would just assume it is Hunter Sr. It is a clever strategy. Hopefully, it doesn't work.
Hunter Jr.'s competition is Democratic nominee Commander Mike Lumpkin. This guy is awesome! He has a Master's degree in national security affairs from UCSD. He is a former Navy SEAL who fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and the Phillipines. Frankly, I am surprised I haven't seen any ads or neighborhood canvassing. He has a real shot at changing this district from a Republican stronghold. Think about the conversation in the Oval Office on November 5th if CA-52 changes. Personally, I want that conversation.

Here are some links to read interviews, questionnaires, and biographical information about Lumpkin:

Calitics: Lumpkin believes divisive politics are the reason America has gotten so far off track and he is committed to solving issues that transcend extreme politics. "Americans understand the urgency of working together; our deficit is spiraling out of control, we are outsourcing jobs, military families face extended deployments, the border is not secure, and Social Security is in trouble. Americans are smart, patriotic folks and we want our country back. We have too much at stake to let perennial wedge agendas hijack our national discussion," said Lumpkin.

Daily Kos: I believe that Blackwater violates the intent of the 2nd Amendment which declares "a well-regulated militia as being necessary to the security of a free State." Blackwater, and the almost 200 other organizations like them are almost completely UNregulated. The military code does not apply to them, which is highly problematic. Additionally, I do not believe it is in the best interests of the US tax payers to have to pay these contractors. Organizations like Blackwater are driving up our defense costs. US tax payers pay for the training of military experts, like SEALS. The cost of such training is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. After completing this training, they receive military pay. Unfortunately, Blackwater type organizations can pay up to $1500 per day as compared to $1500 per week and we lose many as soon as they are able. This hurts the US tax payer even more because now the military has to pay exorbitant re-enlistment bonuses to try to keep them. Then who ends up paying them their new large contract salaries? The US tax payers again.

Oxdown Gazette: “Duncan Hunter Junior expects to inherit his father’s congressional seat and not work hard by showing voters what he’s made of in a broadcast debate,” says Commander Lumpkin. “But being a member of Congress is a job—not an entitlement. In a debate he can’t ask his father what to say; he has to be his own man and stand on his own two feet.”

Washington Post: Military service
Former Deputy Commander, Joint Special Operations Task Force-Arabian Peninsula for Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Deployed to Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa, and the Philippines.
United States Special Operations Command Office of Legislative Affairs liaison to the United States Congress on policy and appropriation issues supporting our nation’s Special Operations Forces.

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