Saturday, October 25

A Comment On McCain's NM Rally

So, MSNBC just showed a live shot of Sen. McCain stumping in New Mexico. In five minutes, McCain mentioned
  1. Joe the Plumber's loss of privacy due to Democrats meddling into his affairs because Joe "asked tough questions."
  2. Barney Frank wants to raise taxes and cut defense spending.
  3. Sen. Obama wants to tax the rich but he voted to increase taxes on people making $42,000 a year (BTW, that was an increase of $15 for a single taxpayer. $15.)
  4. John McCain has been tested and Barack Obama has not.
  5. A Democratic majority in Congress and a Democratic President would raise your taxes. (My brother said that someone should ask McCain if it would be okay to vote for Obama and then vote for a Republican for Congress. Since he is soooo worried about it.)

All of these points were made in the time it took me to pour a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee. Oh, and add creamer. And stir. It was similar to the debates where McCain would go off point in the middle of a long, rambling tangent. Why not focus on one thing for a few minutes and talk about it in detail before moving on to the next topic? I have never taken a speech class but I have given speeches and jumping around like that in such a short amount of time is not conducive to a clear message. I just don't understand.

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