Friday, October 31

Proposition 8

Here in California, Proposition 8 is a hot-button issue. Prop. 8 changes the California Constitution to legally recognize only the marriages between a man and a woman. This not only affects future opportunities for gay couples to marry; it also affects any gay marriages that occurred after the California Supreme Court ruled a ban to be unconstitutional. It literally takes away the rights of people in gay marriages that the law has declared they deserve as citizens. Some recent articles regarding Prop.8:

Los Angeles Times: One Christian group is gearing up for what it hopes will be a huge rally for Proposition 8 -- including 12 hours of prayer and fasting -- at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium on Saturday...The religious duel over Proposition 8 has simmered for months, dividing congregations and denominations. Last week, separate gatherings of African American ministers rallied for and against it during news conferences. Both sides cited the Bible in making their cases. California's six most senior Episcopal bishops declared their opposition to the measure last month, even as the issues of same-sex marriage and gay clergy threaten to tear apart the global Anglican Communion to which they belong. And in spring, United Methodist Church leaders in Southern California defied their national church by voting to support same-sex couples who marry and the pastors who welcome them. Some pastors already have officiated at weddings or played a role in same-sex ceremonies, risking their clerical credentials.

Crooks and Liars: Prop.8 spokesman compares gays to Hitler. Wow.

USA Today: "The most expensive culture war in America".

Shastras: Awesome.

Finally, a quick and effective video narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

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