Monday, November 3

Are You Kidding Me?!!

A report from Michael Scherer at Swampland -

By all reports from the front of the plane, John McCain is having a good time today, hanging out with his friend Joe Lieberman, and various other notables, like former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge and Florida Sen. Mel Martinez. They have been eating fried chicken, picked up in Tennessee with some peach cobbler. If there is a lull, McCain can turn to the book he has been reading, "An Army At Dawn: The War In North Africa 1942-1943."

One thing McCain is not doing is worrying about the speech he will deliver tomorrow night from the lawn outside the Arizona Biltmore Resort, the contents of which will depend on the election's outcome. McCain's friend and speechwriter Mark Salter does not like to plan too far ahead. "I don't work until the day of," Salter said, adding that the speech should not take him more than a couple hours to write. He added that he will probably wait until midday to get started. "It's gonna be a late night," he added, predicting a nailbiter of an election

Um, what if it is not a late night? What if Pennsylvania, a "blue state" that McCain must win, goes for Obama early? Or Virginia? My brother says that this is not McCain's fault. He should relax on the plane and eat chicken and cobbler with his buddies. But, I think he should light a fire under Salter's ass about the speech. Both speeches. There should be two ready right now, folks. Sen. Obama has both a celebratory and a secession speech ready to go. He is not measuring the drapes. He is ready for whatever happens. Like a leader should be. A leader would be ready right now. A leader does not allow a speech writer's psychological timetable dictate the effectiveness of his actions.

I mean, the polls open in a few hours...Gimme a freakin' break!!

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