Thursday, November 20

National High-Speed Rail Service

I love the idea of high-speed rail service in this country. I have wanted this for years, ever since I saw a tv special about the bullet trains around the world. Also, I was excited to see California Prop 1A was not only placed on the ballot, but also passed. I am not the type of person who jumps up and down with joy, but I did. I jumped. Yes, I am a dork about this stuff, but I can't help it. Last weekend I watched a video about the proposed high-speed rail plan for California and I actually got choked up a bit. I mean, I didn't cry but I did feel an emotional flurry similar to what I feel in the last 15 minutes of Radio Flyer. I'm sure a good part of it is because of the cheesy heart-string-tugging music, but still, I was moved.

Yep. It's official. I am a dork.

Anyway, the original point of this post was not to embarrass myself but too link to a press release today regarding the High-Speed Rail for America Act of 2008. A few quotes:

Sen. John Kerry: “A first-rate rail system would protect our environment, save families time and money, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and help get our economy moving again."

Sen. Arlen Specter: “We must continue to focus our energies on building and maintaining a strong national passenger rail system in order to ease congestion of air and highway corridors connecting high-growth markets, as well as to meet energy and environmental goals.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg: “Investing in modern infrastructure is vital to the nation’s long-term economic and environmental health - and in the short-term, it would help put more Americans back to work."

Gov. Ed Rendell: “Expanding our nation’s critical rail infrastructure will make our transportation network more efficient, reduce traffic pressure on our already busy interstate highways, and improve the environment.”

Is this not totally awesome?

I am so going to get clowned for this post later.

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