Saturday, December 20

My National High-speed Rail Service Idea

So, I have been dwelling on high-speed trains lately. Since 4am yesterday, to be precise. I keep thinking how wonderful it would be to have a fully-functioning, profitable, fun way to travel this beautiful land of ours. However, since I am obsessing, I thought it would be a good idea to post my ideas about high-speed rail service so I might stop obsessing. (I have found that it is the best way for me to move on. Expect in the near future a few posts regarding the frighteningly quick evolution of sea creatures and female Apache helicopter pilots. Oh, and Rhode Island. Although, I doubt a few posts will cure me of that fascination.)
Back to the rail, I have something that I scribbled out today. First, a few disclaimers. This is an idea about preliminary, yet national, high-speed rail service. A starting point, if you will. Second, I understand that having a rail from San Diego to Las Vegas is a little silly since one is proposed for Los Angeles to Vegas, but I live in San Diego so I have some bias regarding this. I admit it. I still want it. Lastly, I scribbled this out at 5am today and now - after a few relaxing mixed drinks - it still looks alright to me. I just wanted to put that out there. OK, here we go:
A California line is already proposed (Prop. 1A passed on November 4th). It would have a line starting in San Diego and going through Riverside, L.A., Central Valley, and splitting off toward either San Francisco or Sacramento. This is great but I think it should continue from San Francisco all the way to Seattle. It could follow the I-5 with a stop in Eureka and another in Portland.
S.D. - Phoenix - Central N.M. - Austin - Nawlins - Atlanta - Orlando - Miami
LA - Vegas - Denver - St. Louis - Nashville
St.Paul/Minn - Chicago - Cleveland - New York
Pittsburgh - D.C.
This is the part where you have to visualize the diagonal subconnections. Use the map.
S.D. connects to both L.A. and Vegas. Vegas connects also to Phoenix. Phoenix to Denver. Denver to New Mexico. St. Louis to Texas and Louisiana. Nashville to Atlanta.
Denver also to St. Paul/Minneapolis. St. Louis also to Chicago.
Cleveland to Pittsburgh.
This would be great for commerce as well as jobs. Someone who lives in Cleveland could work in Chicago. Someone like myself could get to Phoenix or Las Vegas to visit family in less than 3 hours. A barbecue fanatic can get Texas style for lunch and St. Louis style for dinner. To compare or brag or whatever.
I feel a little better now that I got that out. What do you think?

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  1. Crazy cool ideas, but will never happen. Unfortunately, this country doesn't think efficient transportation systems are important. Even if it is profitable and makes for happier citizens. If you want to go 300 miles, your best bet is 5 hours out of your day, no exceptions. Sucks, but true. But, I liked the ideas.