Sunday, January 11

Turley Talks About The Need For War Crime Tribunals

Rachel Maddow explains the situation we have regarding 15,000 Iraqi prisoners we have detained in Iraq. As of January 1st, we no longer have any legal jurisdiction with regards to these prisoners, most of whom are not charged with a crime. President Bush would like Iraq to continue this illegal process.

Also, Jonathan Turley explains to Rachel Maddow (and us) why the Bush Administration should be prosecuted for war crimes. With an adamant sense of urgency, Turley describes that not only are we Americans aware of the committed crimes, but other countries are as well. Do we want our justice system taken over by the justice system of other countries? If President Bush or Vice-President Cheney go out of the country, what risk do we want to take that another country will handle what we should take care of ourselves?

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