Tuesday, September 30

Rachel Maddow Interview On AfterEllen.com

This is an excellent interview by Julie Bolcer. Maddow answers questions on a variety of topics:

On her "Talk Me Down" segment: “I don’t get mad because somebody has a different perspective than me,” she explains. “I get mad at people who are screwing things up in the country, and screwing things up in the world. But if you disagree with me about even serious issues, and you’re willing to debate them with me in a civil way without being insulting, I’m going to enjoy that conversation.”

On her looks: “I feel like in terms of what I look like, I’m working in a very visual medium for the first time in my life, and I’m just sort of trying to get by in terms of the basic, the minimum that I need to do visually in order to be allowed to be on television,” she says. “And so I put on the suit, so that I can go on TV. I let the makeup ladies put makeup on me, which they do to their own satisfaction. I don’t pay much attention to it.”

On the importance of being out: “That’s the thing that we owe the people who came before us who are the pioneers, and that’s the thing we owe the next generation of gay people in terms of clearing the way and making life easier for them. I think that there is a moral imperative to be out, and I think that if you’re not out, you have to come to an ethical understanding with yourself why you are not."

Lately, there have been many articles and interviews with Maddow; however, this one is the first one I have seen in a long while that doesn't rehash the same information over and over again. Click on the post title to read in full.

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