Friday, October 3

Apparently, Obama Does Not Give Interviews Like McCain

Until this morning, I have avoided watching MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program since well before the Olympics. I would flip to it to see who was on as a guest and tune in for a few minutes and then change the channel. Actually, I didn't even know that they have a new format. Joe and Mika are not sitting together anymore and there are these huge desks everywhere. But, I was reminded about twenty minutes ago why I stopped watching and went to CNN even though their morning program is boring. The people of "Morning Joe" are condescending, accusatory whiners.

Senior Obama Advisor Linda Douglass was just on. Mika Brzezinski asked her why Senator Obama has not done interviews about the economic crisis when Senator McCain was on the show three times in a week. This is of course after Joe Scarborough tossed a random question out there in the previous segment questioning Obama's leadership because he won't do interviews. Douglass mentions that Obama did some rallies where he spoke to thousands and that those speeches were carried on all of the major networks. The "Morning Joe" crew then start yelling about how speeches are not the same as interviews and how the American people deserved to know what Obama's position was. I totally agree with that. Douglass then mentions that Obama did seven interviews two days in a row and three interviews the other day and did "Face the Nation" on Sunday. She said that she didn't understand what they were talking about and she suggested that maybe they were upset because Obama had not been on their show specifically. I think she hit the nail on the head. It seemed like a sore spot for Joe because he became even more pissy after that. Douglass didn't even get a chance to mention that Obama spoke on the Senate floor about his position regarding the bill. McCain did not. Pat Buchanan said something about Obama taking ownership of the bill by his vote and Douglass was quick to respond that McCain did the same.

I find it interesting how disjointed the Republican party is about this bailout bill. Both McCain and Obama held their nose while voting for it. Then, McCain went on "Morning Joe" and said that the President should veto it. All the while, the RNC is running ads accusing Obama of voting for a bad bill - the same bill McCain voted for. This morning on CNN, I saw a 527 ad accusing Obama of voting for the bill because he and other Democrats failed to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Seriously, the ad actually named Reid, Pelosi, Biden, and Obama. It was weird. I just want to shout "McCain voted for the bill!!!" Ugh.

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